Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee, Inc.


The Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.

The purpose of the Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee will be to:
1.Promote humane and responsible pet ownership;
2.Increase public awareness of and to encourage solutions to the pet overpopulation problem;
3.To conduct animal rescue, sanctuary, and adoption services;
4.Promote accessibility to spay-neuter services for low income populations;
5.Assist law enforcement and government agencies to improve animal welfare conditions;
6.Perform any other lawful activities for which corporations may be organized under the general corporation laws of the state of Oklahoma;


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I.R.S. Filing

EIN: 26-3958474

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ARC Board

President, Paul Heinz
Vice President, Vacant
Secretary, Kay Heinz
Treasurer, Vacant
Assistant Treasurer, Vacant

Board Member, Dawn Ramsey
Board Member, Amanda Shannon
Board Member, Diane Stegall
Board Member, Roberta Wortham